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Learn Facilitation Skills not B A Ping Pong!

Written by John A G Smith – Tue 12 Jul 2016

Facilitation is a skill crucial in guiding a meeting to make a decision or think of a solution without providing it. Our writer John A G Smith uses his experience to explain why learning Facilitation Skills  is so much better than 'B.A. Ping Pong'?!

The Rules of B. A. Ping Pong

It’s a game that every Business Analyst has played.  Many do not even have a name for it and, of those that do, it’s usually unrepeatable in polite company.  I call it ‘B. A. Ping Pong’ … although maybe that should be ‘wiff waff’?

Table Tennis Rio 2007

Image courtesy of Wikimedia 

The rules are very simple and any Business Analyst can play.  Here’s how it works:

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Managing Social Media Networks

Written by Heather Buckley – Fri 21 Oct 2011

Social Media TrainingWhen it comes to social media there is an ever-increasing number of online channels which can be used to quickly spread the word about your projects, products and services. But the wide range of choices available and the software available to manage social media can be daunting.

When it comes to managing your social media, consider what your business priorities are and what areas you need to focus on daily, weekly or monthly. Planning your social media activity is crucial!

We've made life a little easier with our updated downloadable free Social Media Schedule .PDF!

Free Social Media Schedule Download


Daily social media tasks are crucial for maintaining your image and conversing with others. While it is not time effectively to always be on Twitter and Facebook you want to make sure you respond to any communication quickly.

  • Twitter - Tweet and respond to tweets and retweets - Tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite are great ways to manage Twitter and if there's a topic you want to keep an eye on you can create a search column using the related hashtag.
  • Google+ - respond to mentions and comments on your posts, scan the feed for interesting content to +1.
  • Facebook - check your profile, pages and groups and respond as appropriate.
  • LinkedIn - respond to private messages and posts/comments in your groups if you have any.
  • Blogs - Respond to comments on your own blog posts - this opens up a dialogue between you and your users/followers, maximising opportunities for business relationships and reciprical marketing.
  • Bookmarking - Scan what's popular on bookmarking and recommendation sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon and Digg and then add your own bookmarks accordingly.
  • Analytics - Google Analytics is the main choice for clear and concise information and it now features real time reporting. This is great as you can monitor your traffic from social media channels during campaigns to find our what elements of your social media strategy are the most successful.


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Google Analytics - Measuring Success Using Visitor Loyalty

Written by Heather Buckley – Thu 25 Aug 2011

Loyalty is Key

Everyone talks about ROI (return on investment) and many businesses use Google Analytics to measure the ROI of their internet marketing endeavours using the number of sales measured against the data they get from user activity before they "add to cart" or similar.

What if you have no e-commerce on your site? Maybe you provide a service, provide information, market a cause or a brand and there is no on-line payment transaction to enable this type of analysis. What should you be measuring? How can you use Google Analytics data to interpret the success of a visit to your website?

Whilst the jury is still out about how much Google uses visitor loyalty data when calculating the quality of your site. I think it is safe to presume that after the Google Panda update,  these metrics are becoming much more relevant to page position in the SERP's than before. If you follow our surviving the Google Panda update guidelines, you will be well on your way to solving any problems that you discover when analysing your visitor loyalty.

If you are new to Google Analytics I would strongly recommend our Google Analytics Course, we get rave reviews. For those who are familiar with the basics, you can fine-tune your master skills on our Advanced Google Analytics Course, we also provide SEO training, however back to the plot.

Measuring Visitor Loyalty in Google Analytics

We recommend measuring successful visits using the four different metrics in the "Visitor Loyalty" section of Google Analytics found in the Visitors section that appears when you log into your account:

  • Loyalty
  • Recency
  • Length of Visit
  • Depth of Visit

Visitor Loyalty Google Analytics

The fact that Google Analytics shows you the distribution of the metrics is key to being able to use this data in a way that allows you to analyse and measure success.

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Making the Most of Social Media Marketing - Links

Written by Aaron Charlie – Tue 05 Jan 2010

SEO TrainingBelow you'll find a comprehensive list of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins, Platforms, Analytics Tools, Apps and other great Social Media resources. This list is designed as a reference guide for delegates who have attended our Social Networking training or SEO training courses in Brighton, Sussex - but it would be mean of us not to make it available to everyone. We also provide creative courses like Photoshop Training and Leadership and Management Training like PRINCE2 Training and Business Analysis Courses. Enjoy...

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