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Lean Six Sigma in the Forensics Lab

Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 19 Apr 2013

Lean Six Sigma is used by businesses the world over as a means to improve quality and efficiency. Its impact on business cannot be overstated with everyone from Amazon to Vodafone adopting the principles.

What started in the manufacturing industry has since swept through the service, tech and financial sectors. It's not just for corporate business either: governments and other public organisations have used Lean Six Sigma with enormous success. It's even been used to control diabetes!

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It is though, somewhat surprising (although not illogical) news to learn that Lean Six Sigma has been used by US crime labs, to streamline and improve their processes.

Lack of Efficiency is a Crime

Last year, Monroe County Crime Lab in New York State was struggling with certain issues; it was:

  • Unable to deal with its huge backlog of cases
  • Not able to get the work done on each case fast enough
  • Producing low quality reports

Something needed to be done and so with those issues at the forefront, from August to September 2012 the crime lab began testing the adoption of Lean Six Sigma principles in regard to its workflow.

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