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Lean Six Sigma for the Office and Service Industry

Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 20 Jan 2012

Lean Six Sigma for knowledge workers and service processes

Do you work in a non-manufacturing group? If you are applying lean improvement methods but you don’t make goods then you probably supply a service or do “knowledge processing”. Lean thinking in these areas is often called “transactional lean”, “administrative lean”, and “lean for service”.

Non-manufacturing activities where lean methods have been used successfully include the following. You may well work in one of these areas:

  • Lean six sigma trainingadvertising
  • entertainment
  • financial services
  • healthcare and hospitals
  • hospitality and hotels
  • insurance
  • logistics and distribution
  • marketing
  • online services
  • product design
  • project management
  • property sales
  • travel and tourism
  • public sector**

**the public sector (“state sector”) is 40% of the USA economy and about 50% of the UK and the EU economy.

Service industries are the largest part of Western economies

This is a table of percent of gross domestic product (GDP)

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NEW Six Sigma Templates, Downloads and Videos

Written by Andy Trainer – Mon 21 Feb 2011

download free six sigma templatesAs those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will know, our Six Sigma trainers have gone in to overdrive in recent weeks to produce some fantastic new resources.

These resources are the perfect introduction to Six Sigma for the uninitiated, and also form a perfect companion to our Six Sigma Training and Lean Training courses. Check out the outlines to our comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Six Sigma Black Belt Training courses for more detail on the Six Sigma courses we offer here in Brighton, Sussex.

So - what's on offer then?... We've summarised the new Six Sigma resources here - just click on the titles to go to the full resource.

Six Sigma Project Charter Template Download

Defining your Six Sigma project well from the start using a Project Charter is one of the keys to Six Sigma Success. Use this Free Project Charter Template to help you get off to the best start.

Lean Six Sigma Glossary Download

Lean and Six Sigma contain a wide variety of tools, and as such there are a lot of terms and abbreviations to understand. Get up to speed with them all using this comprehensive 33-page Lean Six Sigma Glossary

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Download: Lean Six Sigma Glossary

Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 18 Feb 2011

download-six-sigma-glossaryDownload our Six Sigma Glossary

The Lean and Six Sigma methodologies contain a very wide variety of tools and processes. Consequentially, there are a lot of different terms and acronyms to get to grips with when you learn Six Sigma.

This comprehensive 33-page Six Sigma Glossary provides clear explanations of all of the key terms and tools.

For in-depth, certified Six Sigma Training, check out our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Six Sigma Black Belt Training courses that we run.


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