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Mobile Web Design Checklist Free Download

Written by Craig Charley – Fri 02 Mar 2012

It is very easy to open up your website on a smartphone or tablet and make the snap judgement that because it loads and the links work you can leave it as it is. However, how many businesses go the next step and think about how usable their site is on mobile devices? Or how attractive it is?

In this blog post, we have produced a checklist to help businesses perform a mobile site audit to ensure their site is as mobile-friendly as possible. Click the image to download the Silicon Beach Training Mobile Web Design Checklist and then read through this blog to find out why each point is so important.


Come on one of our Mobile Development Courses to learn how to create mobile websites and apps from scratch from our industry expert trainers. We run a beginners Mobile Web Design course which is suitable for all skill ranges and a Mobile Web Design Week workshop which is more advanced, containing HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript training alongside an overview of mobile web best practice. For the more experienced programmers, we also provide iPhone App Development training and Android App Development Training. Read on to find out why mobile should be a top priority for business in 2012...

Why Go Mobile?

Mobile Web DesignRegular visitors to the site will know how strongly we believe that the future of technology lies with mobile. Our recent mobile post highlighted how Apple sold more iPhones and iPads in 2011 than they sold computers in 11 years. That is a staggering stat. Another recent figure claims that 1.45 million mobile devices enter the world every day compared to 317,124 births.

For whatever reason, mobile devices have achieved something that desktops and laptops never truly managed - they have become a consumer device. Nobody sees a desktop sitting at home, but people go out of their way to flaunt the latest smartphone and read the news on their iPad on the way to work. They have become a fashion accessory as much as a communication device.

As a result of this, more and more people are accessing the internet on the go on smaller screens. Any business that has not considered a mobile strategy is potential missing out on interest and sales. Mobile use has been proven to have a higher click through rates and higher average spend. So not only are some businesses missing out on potential customers but those customers are likely to spend more money!

Silicon Beach Training Mobile Web Design Checklist

This downloadable Mobile Web Design Checklist is not a definitive guide to styling websites for mobile devices but it is a useful list of features to consider to ensure a website works properly on a mobile device.

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