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What is #FF or Follow Friday? And How to Automatically FF

Written by Heather Buckley – Fri 23 Jul 2010

ff follow friday twitterI don't want to teach my mother how to suck eggs but for those of you who are Twitter newbies you may be confused by all the #FF and #followfriday tags you will be seeing today.

Follow Friday is a quick way for you to recommend other Twitter users to your Followers. The good news is you can use an Automatic #FF tool to automatically follow Friday - more on automatic ff's later.

Follow Friday in a Nutshell

  1. To start with read this articles by Mashable #FollowFriday: “The Anatomy of a trend
  2. Then check out who are the top FollowFriday Peeps, check TopFollowFriday.
  3. Check out this automatic tool for you to send #FF:
  4. It's really good and useful to check our who RT''s you the most and suggest them in your #FF
  5. The best quality #FF 's explain why you like someone posts and is not just a lists.

Best way to automatic FF

Note - It's best to personalise your Follow Fridays to make the people you're FFing appreciate them. AutoFF allows you to edit the FFs before you send them - so it's a great tool for helping you to identify the most valuable people to FF, and tailor each one!

Now off you go an send some loving #FF's

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