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NEW Six Sigma Templates, Downloads and Videos

Written by Andy Trainer – Mon 21 Feb 2011

download free six sigma templatesAs those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will know, our Six Sigma trainers have gone in to overdrive in recent weeks to produce some fantastic new resources.

These resources are the perfect introduction to Six Sigma for the uninitiated, and also form a perfect companion to our Six Sigma Training and Lean Training courses. Check out the outlines to our comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Six Sigma Black Belt Training courses for more detail on the Six Sigma courses we offer here in Brighton, Sussex.

So - what's on offer then?... We've summarised the new Six Sigma resources here - just click on the titles to go to the full resource.

Six Sigma Project Charter Template Download

Defining your Six Sigma project well from the start using a Project Charter is one of the keys to Six Sigma Success. Use this Free Project Charter Template to help you get off to the best start.

Lean Six Sigma Glossary Download

Lean and Six Sigma contain a wide variety of tools, and as such there are a lot of terms and abbreviations to understand. Get up to speed with them all using this comprehensive 33-page Lean Six Sigma Glossary

VIDEO: What is Six Sigma? What is Lean?

Completely new to Lean and Six Sigma? In this short, easy to follow interview our Six Sigma Black Belt Steve explains the methodologies and the differences between Lean and Six Sigma. Watch the video below, or follow the link above for the full transcript:

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VIDEO: Six Sigma Green Belt vs Black Belt

Written by Andy Trainer – Fri 04 Feb 2011

In our latest video resource our Six Sigma Black Belt trainer Steve explains the differences between the Six Sigma Belt Levels. We run regular Six Sigma Training courses including  Six Sigma Green Belt training, Six Sigma Black Belt training and Lean Six Sigma training in Brighton, Sussex.

Full Video Transcript:

Colin - Today we are here with Steve who is our Six Sigma Black Belt Trainer and we are just answering some questions that we are commonly asked by our clients about Six Sigma. I want to ask you about the belt levels and what is a Green Belt? What is a Black Belt? And what are the differences between Green Belt and Black Belt?

Steve – A Black Belt typically has 3 to 4 weeks of training and a Black Belt is somebody who is confident with the whole range of Lean Six Sigma tools. They are someone who is going to have good people skills as well because a Black Belt will be leading projects. As well as knowing the tools, a Black Belt will also know about how to run a good meeting, managing the sponsor, making sure you get people involved and motivated in the programme. So the Black Belt brings together the people skills and an in-depth knowledge of the tools. They will be leading programmes and generating projects which will probably generate multiple projects of its own. A Green Belt has typically has got 1 or 2 weeks of training, some project experience and they will have a good understanding of the basic tools of Lean Six Sigma. They’ll be working as either a member of a large project, lead by a Black Belt, and/or they’ll be leading projects themselves in the work place as a Green Belt.

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