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Brighton SEO 2011 - Round up Round up

Written by Craig Charley – Sun 18 Sep 2011

Kelvin Newman - Brighton SEO 2011

It's been a week since BrightonSEO 2011 now organised by Kelvin Newman of Site Visibility. The round ups and takeaways have come flooding in so fast we thought rather than simply providing the same we'd give you a list of the best ones. We even had a look around and filled in all the gaps so this is the most complete round up and roundup of roundups there is! Even the elusive Toby Barnes, and Dom Hodgson videos are included in part 2 of our Brighton SEO 2011 roundup

First why don't you look over our two previous blog posts '#BrightonSEO 2011 - Attracting Quality Links' and 'Brighton SEO 2011 - Is there a Black Hat in the room? - a controversial talk by John McElborough' looking at two different sides of the conference.

Round Up Round Up for the ultimate list of BrightonSEO  take aways.

Below is a list of our favourite round ups followed by the slides, videos and personal blogs from each talk where available.

The following is our round up of the day. We've included slides and/or videos for all the presentations where we can as well as a summary of the talk with links to any additional content provided by the speakers.

Jonny Stewart - Google's Panda: A Case Study

Jonny Stewart - Brighton SEO 2011

Jonny Stewart - Brighton SEO 2011

The first talk was from Jonny Stewart on how the Google Panda update affected He used the site that he works for as an example of a site that suffered due to the update and then established how they were able to recover and avoid future penalties. Jonny mentioned that you're not a good SEO until you've been hit by a really big penalty and that it can take up to 4 months to recover from a big loss in rankings. However, as shown in the slides below, he offers some great tips on how to avoid being hit by penalties and turn your rankings around if affected.

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