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Brighton SEO 2011 - Round up Round up

Written by Craig Charley – Sun 18 Sep 2011

Kelvin Newman - Brighton SEO 2011

Kelvin Newman - Brighton SEO 2011

It's been a week since BrightonSEO 2011 now organised by Kelvin Newman of Site Visibility. The round ups and takeaways have come flooding in so fast we thought rather than simply providing the same we'd give you a list of the best ones. We even had a look around and filled in all the gaps so this is the most complete round up and roundup of roundups there is! Even the elusive Toby Barnes, and Dom Hodgson videos are included in part 2 of our Brighton SEO 2011 roundup

First why don't you look over our two previous blog posts '#BrightonSEO 2011 - Attracting Quality Links' and 'Brighton SEO 2011 - Is there a Black Hat in the room? - a controversial talk by John McElborough' looking at two different sides of the conference.

Round Up Round Up for the ultimate list of BrightonSEO  take aways.

Below is a list of our favourite round ups followed by the slides, videos and personal blogs from each talk where available.

The following is our round up of the day. We've included slides and/or videos for all the presentations where we can as well as a summary of the talk with links to any additional content provided by the speakers.

Jonny Stewart - Google's Panda: A Case Study

Jonny Stewart - Brighton SEO 2011

Jonny Stewart - Brighton SEO 2011

The first talk was from Jonny Stewart on how the Google Panda update affected He used the site that he works for as an example of a site that suffered due to the update and then established how they were able to recover and avoid future penalties. Jonny mentioned that you're not a good SEO until you've been hit by a really big penalty and that it can take up to 4 months to recover from a big loss in rankings. However, as shown in the slides below, he offers some great tips on how to avoid being hit by penalties and turn your rankings around if affected. Read more about the Google Panda update.


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#BrightonSEO 2011 - Attracting Quality Links

Written by Aaron Charlie – Thu 08 Sep 2011


Brighton SEO

So - here we are at BrightonSEO 2011 - the last in a long week of conference attendance for us - but one of our favourites, which always attracts some really useful presentations on SEO and Social, thanks to the diligent efforts of Kelvin Newman.

The full BrightonSEO 2011 Round Up is the most comprehensive available. We feature our pick of the best round ups alongside our own round up with video, slides and comments.

If you're interested in the other conferences we've attended this week in Brighton, you can read our reviews of Update 2011 and  Brighton Digital Marketing Festival (BDMF)

As I (start to) write this we're at the first coffee break - we'll publish a write up of the whole of Brighton SEO  in due course, but so far the morning session has provided a useful Panda case study from Jonny Stewart (which I was going to write up, but my effing laptop restarted and ate my notes - so if you want to read about Panda - check out our Panda survival tips).

We also got some tips from John McElborough on the slighly 'grey-hat' practice of building a private blog network, and my favourite presentation of the morning, which was Dave Peiris' well delivered piece on attracting links with quality content and apps that people will want to share - so I've written up the main takeaways from this session below:

sharkseo at brigtonseoBrighton SEO 2011 - Attracting Links - Presentation by Dave Peiris - @sharkseo

We all know that creating great content will help you to attract links - but knowing it isn't as easy as actually doing it. And even better than writing great content that people want to read, is developing great apps that are useful tools - which is even harder!

Dave has spent a lot of his time doing just that - and had some great tips which he's learned from his successes (and failures)

He kicked off by giving us some great examples of sites and apps that attract a lot of links because they're genuinely very useful - this is the sort of thing you're aiming for:

  • Hackerbuddy – an app that helps startup coders get help from other start up coders.
  • Justbuythisone – gives advice on the best products in a range of categories to save you time researching
  • Uptime Robot – a tool that pings site every 5 minutes which lets you know when it goes down

Not all of us can code apps though - so there's also the option of trying to write really killer content - Dave gave the example of this brilliant article by OK Cupid - a dating site. It's quite a geeky article using data from submitted user photos to generate advice about the best camera and time of day to take your profile picture to be as attractive as possible.

One key point that we can take from this article is to think about the headline if you want to get shared - especially via the bigger news networks. The element that all of the news channels picked up on from the OK Cupid article was the "iPhone Users Have More Sex" angle - which just screams "read this article"!


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