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Train the Trainer: Ending on a High

Written by Mary – Mon 24 Dec 2012

When finishing a course, it is imperative that you finish on a positive note. Not only will this instill greater confidence in your learners but will give you a boost with regard to being able to see the effectiveness of your training.

You want your learners to leave feeling energised, positive and full of ideas of how they are going to implement everything they have learned.

You can learn more about ending on a high note on our Train the Trainer Course.


This means you need to leave enough time at the end of the course to really pull everything together and commit everyone to saying what they are going to do next!

How to End on a High

  • Put a big sheet of paper in the middle of the room and give out marker pens – ask everyone to draw on the sheet and answer the question ‘how do you feel about training now?”. Discuss and extrapolate from the drawings the true feelings of the learners. Expect to receive some interesting and funny ones!

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5 Top Tips for Great Presentations

Written by Andy Trainer – Wed 09 Sep 2009

top 5 presentation tipsHere's our 5 Top Tips for delivering a great presentation. For more in depth training on giving presentations we offer a Presentation Skills Training Course.

1) Tailor Your Presentation Around Your Audience

It is for the audience that you are giving your presentation, so make sure that your presentation is suited to the type of audience you are speaking to. For instance if the audience will be largely made up novices or people who will not know a lot about your chosen subject then it is up to you to inform them and make sure that it is easily understandable. Similarly you will want to skip the basics if your audience are already well accustomed with the information at hand.

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