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Mammoth Guide to Webmaster Tools for SEO

Written by Craig Charley – Thu 13 Feb 2014

Get hands on with Webmaster Tools on our brand new Advanced SEO Strategy Training course - the most up to date course on the market.

Google Webmaster Tools is an incredible tool for running health checks, monitoring your site's progress or uncovering the source of a problem. It's also an essential SEO tool.

If you're not familiar with Webmaster Tools or you haven't been keeping up with the latest changes & additions then we are here to help.

Learn about every feature of Google WMT and find out how you can use it for quick and long term SEO wins.

Webmaster Tools for SEO

If you want to get hands on with Webmaster Tools then come down to Brighton for our 2-day SEO course which will give you hands on experience using WMT for SEO. We are always updating our SEO courses with the latest trends and best practices. If you're more interested in the analytics side of Webmaster Tools then we also recommend our 1 day Google Analytics or Advanced Google Analytics course.

I've thrown in a lot of tips along the way based on our experiences at Silicon Beach so you will have some good ideas to use Webmaster Tools to improve your site's performance.

Let's start from the top...

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Why Communities are Essential to Growing your Startup

Written by Craig Charley – Tue 21 Jan 2014

Communities are your best social media tool when starting a business.

Stop shouting into a void and start communicating; they are a great way to engage with potential customers, investors and brand advocates.

Offline networking is still a powerful tool but online communities can give you a global reach and are often more time and cost effective for your limited resources.

In this post you'll find out why communities are so vital and how you can start using them.

Startup Communities

To learn more about using social media & communities to grow your business and engage with consumers and influencers, come on our Social Media workshops and Blogging courses. Together they will give you a powerful toolset to boost your brand online.

Why It's Important

You've started new business with a new idea. How do you get people to care? 

You could spend money on advertising, but it would have to be a very good campaign to convince prospective buyers to take interest in a company they've never heard of.

Social proof is a strong selling point; it's not surprising why social media platforms are trying to take advantage of it with social ads (your friend X like our product) and why consumers are so protective of how their actions are used as social proof.

Recommendations are most valuable when they come naturally. It's easy to tell the difference between a genuine review and one prompted by a promotion or giveaway.

If you can create a community around your business or convince an existing community to take notice of your business then they will do a lot of the hard work for you, giving you the initial investment that you can later use on advertising to grow outside of the community.

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Future Proof SEO Strategy for 2014

Written by Craig Charley – Mon 02 Dec 2013

New SEO Course - Advanced SEO Training for Managers. The best SEO course you'll attend in 2014.

Could your business survive a manual or algorithmic Google penalty? That's the most important question for SEOs in 2014.

Over the past two years we have seen the number and frequency of algorithm updates and manual penalties increase as Google's Webmaster Spam team gets better at identifying tactics. This only looks set to continue over the next two years.

So how can you adjust your tactics to get results without risking everything?*

Future Proof SEO

In this post I'm going to run through an SEO strategy that meets Google's Webmaster Guidelines, takes advantage of new and developing technologies and diversifies your traffic sources so that you're not so heavily reliant on Google search traffic.

If you're completely stuck with SEO or unsure you're going about it the right way then you can learn everything in this post on our hands-on, workshop-style SEO training courses.

I've included tips for content, link building, technical, offline, local, social and mobile considerations to create an overall picture of what search engines see as a 'good' site and help you give your SEO strategy a makeover for 2014.

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How to Create Interactive InDesign Forms and Buttons

Written by Craig Charley – Tue 22 Oct 2013

This week Adobe announced that they've now surpassed 1 million subscribers to Creative Cloud - the subscription-based package that replaced Creative Suite.

That's great news as our newest course - InDesign Interactive PDF Training - includes some great new interactive features only available on InDesign CS6 and InDesign CC.

InDesign CC Interactive Forms

In this post I'm going to cover one of the best new features of InDesign - Interactive Forms - as they are not included in our standard 2-day Interactive PDF course. If you would like a tailored course to include interactive forms then please call us on 01273 622272.

As well as some quick tutorials for adding different types of forms and buttons, I'm also going to run through some quick tips and considerations.

If you're more of an InDesign beginner then why not download our free InDesign Paragraph Styles eBook? It's great way to get to grips with one of the basic features of InDesign.

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How to Earn Links: BrightonSEO September 2013 Write Up

Written by Craig Charley – Sun 15 Sep 2013

On Friday we attended our favourite local conference: BrightonSEO, organised as ever by Kelvin Newman (thanks Kelvin!). As usual there was a diverse set of speakers & topics and also as usual it's Monday morning & I'm writing up the most interesting & actionable advice from the day.  We also ran a live blog using Storify throughout the day which included tweets from the conference. Read our live BrightonSEO blog here.

For a comprehensive understanding of SEO as a whole, it's worth coming on our SEO Training Courses at Silicon Beach.

BrightonSEO September 2013

We stuck with the Dome talks all day and although the topics included Social, Creative & Onsite there was a definite theme running through the conference:

BrightonSEO Link Building

April's conference was all about using content to build links but since then Google has come out against guest posts & press release links, and so the advice has shifted from building to earning links through content.

This was my fourth BrightonSEO (as a company we've attended every single one since the beginning!) and it's interesting to see the shifts in best practice that can occur in only 6 months.

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